You Can Make a Difference: Just Open Your Eyes


When I was a child I pretended to have super powers. I put on a helmet, a cape and held a plastic spear, as I zoomed around the house pretending that I could fly. I wanted to be a super hero and I wanted to save the world. As I grew up, I realized that it was just a child’s fantasy to have actual super powers like the ones we see in the movies. There was a time I thought my dreams of saving the world would just remain as dreams forever.

But as I matured and have gained experience as a life coach, teacher and an inspirational writer, I realized that I did have powers that can actually help many people all over the world. I realized that I can make a difference once I discovered my special abilities. You too can make a difference. All you need to do is to simply open your eyes to the possibility of being a hero to someone else.

You Have The Power

I believe that everyone has their share of special abilities. It may not be as awesome as flying or as great as having laser vision, but we all have our roles to play and we all can be of help to others if we choose it. The powers I am talking about are our unique talents we are given. We all have a certain skill that we excel at. That special skill is your strength. Use it to do good things in your life. Use it to help others and experience that warm fuzzy feeling inside that only a good deed can give.

Remember, not everyone is given the same amount of talent. Just like in the parable of the talents, each servant was given different amounts of talents. It didn’t matter how much coins they had. What mattered was what they did with the talents and how much they were able to make them grow. Your talents will be useless if you keep them hidden. You have to use them in doing good things. You have the power to make a change once you realize your full potential.

One Act of Kindness At A Time

Now that you are aware that you have the power to do great things, do not go storming out of your house and rush to trying to make this world a better place. You cannot help everyone all at the same time. Do one act of kindness at a time and eventually you will be able to reach out to as many as you can.

You Have a Mission

Lastly, we were not put on this earth to live for ourselves alone. We are all connected and what we do or say can make a difference. We all have a mission in this world. This mission is the reason for the talents that you were given. Find your purpose and make that purpose as your motivation to do your best. Just open your eyes to all those people out there that you can help out. You can make a difference if you choose it. Say yes to your mission and you will find fulfillment.

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