Would you rather be perfect or happy?

happyPerfection may lead to happiness, happiness may lead to perfection. But, can we really have both? Some of us may have the impression that the lives of people we admire are perfect. Oftentimes, we read a lot about them and could not help but compare our existence to the life of fame and wealth that they have. Perhaps, we have this assumption that they are always good-looking and well-groomed, that their homes are always spic and span, beautiful.

Each of us are dealing with imperfections each day of our lives. It is worth asking if you choose perfection over comfort and joy. You may wonder if the people you look up to always make it a point to keep their homes dirt-free and fancy or they are keeping the energy of coziness and fun.

1. Your life is real

Remember that you are imperfect and it is totally fine. It is your imperfection that makes you real, and your life real. According to self-help experts, it is very essential to stay honest with who you are and the kind of life you want to tread. If you want to achieve perfection, it is an endless struggle. The more you try so hard to be perfect or to make things in your life so perfect, the tiring the pursuit will be. It is best to stay honest for who you are. When you are honest, you are following your deepest voice – the passion that you have. You are not driven by pressure, jealousy, nor greed. You are driven by the honesty to live the life you envision.

When in moments of failure, it is alright to feel bad and sad. But, this does not mean that you have to dwell in this negativities. It is your vulnerability that makes you human.

2. Your life is complex

By complex it does not mean bad. It only means naturally beautiful – full of twists and turns. This is why that no matter what you do, some things will just naturally slip away and may not seem perfect. It is the complexity of life that shapes you into someone beautiful. Complex does not mean perfect but it can feel perfect in the most special times. This natural complexity of your life is something worth celebrating. This is the greatest reminder that you don’t have to aim for perfection but for the pure desires of your heart.

3. You are scarred and amazing

Have you ever thought of how wonderful you are for others? Have you ever thought of how grateful people are for having in your life? Even if you have weaknesses, you are still a source of light and love for others. The failures you’ve been through has made you the person that you are now. Never look down on your scars. Remember what Rumi has written, “Wounds are openings that allow the light to pass through.” Your imperfection is your gift to others for it is through it that you become more tolerant, open-minded, non-judgmental, and accepting. You are amazing because you are naturally a flower of the many different seasons that you have been through. You’re stronger now because you’ve faced the challenges life has given you on your own. This is the very reason why you never have to seek for perfection. You are already perfect in your own right.

4. You are uniquely you

There is nobody else in the world like you. Whatever you’ve been through, all those have made up who you are now – a unique individual who has strengths and weaknesses. A special creature that has touched lives and has conquered fears. The imperfection that you carry is your own message of uniqueness to the world. Imagine all things that seem to be perfect, there is something missing, there is something not-so-charming in them. It is the flaws, the wrinkles, the mistakes that build each piece of you… a beautiful you.

Perfection may sound so great. It is the instant dream of many of us but if we go deeper, it does not open doors for learning, for attempts, for openness, for wisdom. It is only through being human that we truly experience how it beautiful it to be happy. Imperfect, happy, and really alive.

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  • SO inspiring. I have never thought of myself in this light. Often times I have tried to be perfect but the reality is that I have ended up being the most sad person in the universe, and all those around me reject me consequently.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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