Why Should I Be Grateful?


Life can bring us down from time to time. At some point, you may find yourself in what you will consider as your darkest hour. As you try to find your way out of that dire situation, you should try to remind yourself that there will always still be a reason to be grateful.

If you focus so much on the things that bring you down, you may ask “Why should I be grateful?”  Well, if you look at your situation now and compare it with someone else who is in much deeper trouble than you, I am sure you will find something to be thankful for.

Your Basic Needs

We all have our share of problems. But complaining and dwelling on them so much makes us blind about the fact that we should be grateful for the little miracles that happen each day. I thank God everyday for allowing my family and I survive another day. When all your needs are provided, then you should be content and happy.

If you have a roof over your head, some decent clothes to wear, sufficient food on the table, a comfortable place to sleep, clean water to drink and you are free to make your own choices then you should be happy. A big percentage of people all around the world, especially those who are at war or those in very poor countries would give anything to be in your shoes.

You Are Strong and Healthy

Even if you lose all your money or possessions, even if your heart is broken for some reason, as long as you are not on your death bed or terminally ill then you should be thankful. All the material things can be replaced. As long as you are still alive and kicking, then everything material you have lost can be regained. You still have the energy to solve any problem. Anyone on his death bed or is paralyzed for life would envy you. Be thankful for all your senses are still working.

You Have Love

If you have a family you love, no matter how problematic or crazy they are, appreciate that. Many people live their lives wishing they had a family. If you have a few good friends who will be there to support or help you when you need them, then be glad because true friends are hard to find.

If you have a pet you can hug or play with when you are down, then smile and be thankful. If you are married to someone who makes you feel safe, loved and important then be grateful. As long as you have someone to love and someone to love you back, then you are a very fortunate person.

God Loves You

One thing you should always know and be thankful for is God’s love. In times when you find yourself in the dark, sometimes all you need to do is get down on your knees and pray. Tell God what is troubling you and what you need. Anything you ask in His name will be given. It may not be exactly how we want things to be, but He will always give us what is best for us. Be patient and trust that things will get better. Be thankful that God listens and that he loves you no matter what.

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