Why Didn’t You Get What You Asked For?

When we pray we trust that God hears us and will give us what we ask for. But many of us lose faith and even question God when we do not get what we ask for. It goes the same way when we ask for something from other people and do not get the response we think we deserve. We get frustrated and most of the time angry at the other person.

But before you give in to those negative feelings you should stop and think why you didn’t get what you asked for. There is always a valid reason and when you find the answer it will help you accept and avoid negative emotions because of what happened. It will also help you decide whether you will fight for what you want or you should give up.

Don’t Give In To the Negative

Rejection and neglect are two very difficult things to accept. When you ask for something and do not get what you think you deserve, you feel these two emotions and more negativity follows. There is sadness, anger, envy and many more. Do not give in to these negative feelings until you have reflected on why your request was not granted.

Read Between the Lines

Most of the times all we hear is the word “No.” After that we refuse to listen to anything else that the other person has to say. You have to learn to read between the lines and see the person’s intention. He or she may mean well and think that what you ask for is not what is best for you.

Do You Deserve It?

Possibly, you may have not proven yourself worthy yet to deserve your request. In this case, you have to show more intiative and proof to convince the other person that he or she should give you what you want. For example, at the workplace, it is your confidence, enthusiasm and your past performance at work that make you deserving of a raise or promotion.

Rethink Your Request

There are times that you may think you already deserve something that you ask for but the other person may think that you are not quite ready yet. When a request is rejected, rething your request. Is it really reasonable? Do you truly deserve it? Is it the right time to ask for it? If your answer to all these questions is “Yes!” then you have to pursue what you want.

A Different Approach

One other reason why requests are rejected is because of the way you asked for what you want. If you are really sure of what you want then try a different approach in your way of asking. Be calm, persuasive and stay positive as you ask for your request again. Justify why the other person should give you what you ask for.

Something Better

We do not always get what we want. Sometimes we should also accept that and learn to wait. Something better than what you ask for may be in store for you in the future. But in times when you think that you truly deserve what you ask for and that you are being taken for granted then it is best to seek what you look for elsewhere.

Lastly, I believe that nothing is impossible. Any goal can be achieved with hard work and perseverance. Any dream or wish will be granted as long as the one asking for it deserves to get what he or she asks for.

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