When Should You Give Someone ‘The Benefit of the Doubt’?


These days it is so hard to put your trust in people, especially when you have had bad experiences in the past or you have so much at stake which you cannot afford to lose. You have to be a really good judge of character to be able to pick the right people for important tasks.

On the other hand, we all know that we need to take risks in trusting people to be able to get things done. You should learn to look beyond your doubts and decide to give some people a chance to prove themselves worthy of your trust and respect. The question is, when should you give someone “The benefit of the doubt?”

If You Have No Choice

There are times when you badly need help and you will just have to take the chance in trusting people to deliver. This is where you set aside your fears and doubts, and just hope that things will work out. Prepare yourself for the inevitable. There are only two things that could happen. It is either the person you trusted would disappoint you or the other way around.

After a Background Check

If you are in doubt whether to trust a person or not, why not run a quick background check? It is much easier now to look up a person and see if they have good moral character. Simply browse through their social media profiles and you will get an idea of what they are really like. You can also have a talk to friends and other people who know the person first hand. If it is for a job, you can always ask the people he or she has worked with before. There you will get to gather information about the person’s natural tendencies and you would get an idea of what to expect in case you take the chance on the person.

A Reliable Recommendation

A good and credible recommendation is something you can hold on to when in doubt about trusting someone. Hearing good things about a person from those whom they have worked for in the past or from those who know the individual personally can lessen the worry and doubts about giving a person a chance to do something important for you.

Promise and Potential

Dealing with new people, you get the chance to talk to them and hear from them what they have to offer you if you give them your trust. This promise will always sound too good to be true until they deliver in the process. But aside from what they have to say for themselves, you will get to see a person’s potential by giving them some tests to see what they are actually capable of. How they perform in these tests will determine what they can do for you if you given them the chance.

Second Chances

Lastly, not everybody deserves to be given a second chance. There will be people who will disappoint you at one time or another. If you believe that people can change or if you give someone the chance to make things up to you then you can always take the risk and give that person a second chance.

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