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Every since we were children, we were taught the simplest lessons to be able to cope with the challenges of life and to be able to build good relationships with others. No man is an island and we need to learn to properly interact and co-exist with our peers to be able to strive in the real world. Having good relationships will assure you that you will never have to live your life alone. The question is, what makes a good relationship?

We Share

Once you are in a good relationship, you are not just thinking about yourself. You learn to share what you have. This does not just include material things. You should also share your thoughts, your ideas, your dreams and even your frustrations. You both take turns doing things that you like together. You both learn to compromise and sacrifice some things that you used to just would rather keep all to yourself.

We Care

People in a good relationship are kind to each other. They care about each others stuff and make efforts to show how they value each others space. They both take the time to know what matters to the other and also give time to try out each others interests. Most of all, they care enough to listen to each other and do nice things for each other.

We Play Fair

A good relationship is a two-way traffic. Each one is allowed to move freely as an individual, but each action is done with consideration of the other one’s feelings. No one is above the other.

We Cooperate

A healthy union is bound by cooperation. The people involved work as a team to achieve one goal. Each one helps and supports the other to succeed in their individual endeavors. They compliment each other and so they grow together and as individuals as well.

We Work Hard

Maintaining a good relationships is hard work. Many relationships break up because they change and stop making the efforts to keep the love alive. Each one works hard to make sure that the relationship they have will stay strong and alive.

We Trust

Trust is a vital ingredient to any relationship. It is like glass that needs to be protected because once it is broken it can never be fixed. If two people trust each other fully then they are fortunate to be in their relationship.

We Respect

Another important factor to having a good relationship is respect for one another. No matter how compatible two people are they will have their differences. Each one should not try to change the other, instead there should be acceptance and respect for one another. That is how a healthy union works.

We Have Love

Love is the ultimate sign of a good relationship. But I am not talking about romantic love alone. I am talking about selfless love that makes people give up important things in their life just to make the other one happy. I am talking about a love that is willing to sacrifice everything just so they can be with each other.

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