Three Simple Steps to Increase Your Energy And Experience More Joy In Your Life


Happy people are known to be full of energy. The higher the energy you have in your body, the better you feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. To experience more joy in your life you have to be aware of your energy levels. You should also know how to conserve and also increase your energy each day. Here are three simple steps that can help you do just that.

1. Understand Your Energy

Before you get to take control of your energy levels, you have to understand how your energy works, where it comes from and what you need to increase it. Energy depends on your physical, emotional and psychological well-being. Understanding each one will help you make the right choices and take control of your own energy levels.

Physical energy

As the saying goes, ” You are what you eat.” To keep your physical energy high, you have to watch what you put in your body. Keeping the body fit with exercise and enough rest will also give you energy that’ll make you feel good most of the time. The less moments in your life that you feel sluggish or sick, the less the times you will feel down and weak.

Emotional energy

On the other hand no matter how physically fit you are, your energy level still can be affected by how you feel. Staying away from stressful people, situations and environments, can help you conserve a lot of energy. Negativity can drain you. And how you feel, can affect your performance and even how you deal with life. Although there will be times that life will bring you down, you should remember to try and snap out of it the soonest you can.

Psychological energy

One great energy boost can be done by preparing yourself psychologically. This is the kind of high that you get after a great peptalk from your coach, or a good meditation. This is the energy boost you get whenever someone tells you you did a good job. The better your morale, the higher your energy. So maintaining your focus and believing in yourself can definitely give you the power up you need each day.

2. Avoid Energy Drains

No matter how energetic you feel, you should remember that energy has it’s limits and it does run out eventually. If you can’t raise your energy levels, the least you can do is conserve what you already have. There are some situations and people that can drain you of your energy. You should be aware of them and try to avoid them at all cost.


We all know some people in our lives who make us feel small and insignificant. They are the so-called puter-downers. The only kind of criticism you should listen to are the constructive ones. If someone criticizes you about something that you cannot change, do not listen. It is simply a put down from someone who may be jealous of you or is simply a bully. Making these people’s words affect you will definitely bring you down and make your life miserable.

The Annoying

There are some people who may not say mean words about you or aim to cause you any harm, but for some reason, you find them annoying. Tolerating the company of people who annoy you can really cause you stress. Try focusing on the persons good traits, to distract you from the things about that person that annoys you. If that does not work, try shortening your encounters with them and see how this improves your mood.

The Situations

There are some situations in our lives that may be draining us of precious energy. It can be the constant argument between you and someone you care for. It can be the job that you hate but have to keep. It may be the stressful environment you are in. As soon as you realize which one it is, the next thing you will need to figure out is how to avoid these energy draining situations. Or if that is not possible, figure out how you will keep that situation from affecting you?

3. Take Time To Recharge

You have to know your limits. Energy can run out and you need to recharge once in a while to lift your spirits. Start with a good balanced meal that will help nourish your body and keep you healthy and strong.  Make sure to get enough rest. The body can only repair itself when you are asleep.  Next, have a good laugh every day. We all know that laughter is the best medicine, right? Lastly, According to scientists, the brain releases happy hormones after a 20 minute hug. Nothing relaxes and recharges more than a warm hug from someone you love.

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