Learn From Your Mistakes


I bet everybody knows about the saying nobody is perfect.  Well, its true.  One way or the other at one time in your life you are bound to make minor and major mistakes.  As we get older we find so many things in our past that we tend to regret. These actions tend to make us develop a sense of anger for certain people and worse, for ourselves. A mistake may seem to be a negative thing for you now. But it all depends on how you see things.  A mistake can be something you will regret for the rest of your life. A haunting memory you cannot erase.  But if we turn the tables around, you may find that some mistakes in your life can make you stronger and wiser.  There are lessons to be learned if you just allow these mistakes to teach them to you.


Again, this line pops up, because its true. Just like in the parable of the unfaithful woman, Jesus tried to pass the stone to any person who has no sin and throw it at the accused. He said “He who has no sin may cast the first stone.”  No one dared to do so.  This comes to show that no one is infallible.  Every one makes mistakes.  Knowing this you have to learn to forgive yourself. That is the first step.


What is done in the past cannot be undone. We cannot change our past.  But we can mold the future today.  There’s no point in crying over spilled milk.  Besides what good would that do, right?  Stop thinking about it with regret. Instead, start listing down the things that led you to make that mistake.


Now that you’ve evaluated the problem and you’ve listed down the paths that led you to making that mistake, change your path. Don’t make the same mistake again.  The first time you made the mistake was unintentional but if it happens again, you chose for it to happen.


Learn the laws of cause and effect. There is something that caused that mistake to happen. Be smart enough to recognize it and avoid it. Know that although you are happy with who you are and what you’ve become as a person, there is always room for improvement. A mistake makes you realize your weaknesses. Therefore you will know which skills and talents you will need to work on to improve so the mistake will not happen again.


Hating yourself and others will not help you as a person.  It will only make you distrusting and paranoid.  If someone hurt you before, that doesn’t mean that everybody else will do the same thing.  Forgive the one who hurt you and trust that he or she will get what is due to them in time. Also, it is most important for you to forgive yourself. Everything happens for a reason.


Keep a positive attitude.  Again, remember that everything happens for a reason.  Even though a mistake seems catastrophic to you now, some good will come out of it someday.  Just be sure to learn from your mistakes and you will find that the things you learn from them will make you a stronger and better person in the future.

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