7 Ways to Step Back From the Brink of Divorce


When people get married they make a promise of “Til death do us part.”  But in reality, many marriages fail and end up in divorce and statistics can prove that. No one wants their marriage to end up that way and there are ways that it can actually be prevented. When your relationship with your spouse seems to be going into that direction here are seven ways to step back from the brink of divorce.

1. Stop Pointing Fingers

Couples hurt their relationship by blaming each other when something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or right. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it actually was. If you want things to be okay in your relationship, you both should work together to find a solution to the problem instead of trying to prove who is to blame.

2. Be Kind To Each Other

As time goes by, couples tend to become too comfortable with each other that they forget to be sweet and kind to each other. Do not be quick to anger and try to speak in a calm manner when you talk to your spouse. Make an effort to support and help each other every chance you get. If you can be kind to strangers, you should be much kinder to the one you promised to be with forever.

3. Each One Should Do Their Part

It takes two to tango. If you really do not want your marriage to end up in divorce, husband and wife should each do their part to keep their relationship strong. Both have their duties and responsibilites that contribute to the harmony and balance of their relationship.

4. Appreciate What You Have

Many marriages become unhappy when they try to compare their relationship with those of others. No two marriages are ever the same. And no marriage is without conflict or flaw. Other marriages may seem more ideal, but somehow they too have their share of not so pleasant moments. Learn to appreciate what you have and you will have a happier marriage.

5. Get marriage counseling

If you think that you and your spouse can no longer solve your problems on your own, then you should get help. Marriage counseling gives you the intervention and advice that you both need to save your marriage.

6. Focus on the Happy times

Love hurts, right?  The longer you stay with someone, the more painful memories can make your bond weak and fragile. If you really want to hold on to your union, then stop dwelling on these painful memories. Focus on the happy times that will remind you why you chose to marry your spouse in the first place.

7. Learn to forgive and forget

One very important thing both man and woman need to learn in a marriage is to forgive and forget. Nobody is perfect and it is certain that you will be hurt by some things that your spouse may do. But if you really love your partner, you will be willing to see beyond his or her faults and still love him or her anyway.

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