7 Ways to be the Master of your own mind

7_Ways_to_be_the_Master_of_your_own_mindThese days, because of the demand of our times, people are getting busier. As stress levels soar, people have find ways to manage it by reconnecting to inner harmony. Some of them make the best out of yoga and meditation to achieve peace and serenity. Buddhism shares that “our life is the creation of our own mind”.

    When the mind is troubled, it also attracts negative thoughts and visions. The above quote only shows that taking care of the mind must not be secondary to taking after our own body. It must also be noted that we can be in charge of our mid, if we condition it on staying calm, we become the master of it. And becoming the master of it, we can do greatness in our passions and endeavors.

    Here are 9 ways to be the master of you own mind, easy and wonderful means that can pave the way to your road to more creativity and focus, less stress:

  • Find time to be alone in stillness

    Solitude is healthy for your mind. Stillness gives you clarity. Meditation is one of the most powerful means to maximize both solitude and stillness. It is great key to master you own mind. Through proper breathing and serenity, you are detached from too many anxieties and insecurities. Stillness allows your mind to take control of the situation, to get rid of negativity and allow positivity to flow through you. Be still with nature. As you sit by the sea, let the calmness of nature find you. Be lulled by the beauty of it all, of the wonder that surrounds you.

  • Daydream, do it as much as you want

    Daydreaming has been proven to be healthy for the mind. As you daydream, your mind is at its freest. Let it wander. When your mind is free, it is relieved from any kind of stress and pressure. Daydreaming is a way of drifting away lost in your thoughts out loud. It is your means to create your own reality. While others think that daydreaming or mind wandering is useless, Dr. Scott Kaufman’s (NYU) study has showed that “mind-wandering is an adaptive trait that helps us to achieve personally meaningful goals, and it helps us to access spontaneous forms of cognition like insight, intuition and the triggering of memories and stored information.”

    Becoming a master of your own mind requires you to celebrate the beauty and magic of daydreaming. It has so many personal benefits such as self-awareness, reflection, compassion and so much more.

  • Look at the glass half-full

    Positivity is one of the most powerful ways to be the master of your own mind. It has been said that what your mind perceives, your body and spirit will also conceive. When you wake up in the morning, notice the little yet essential things and non-things around you. Be happy for the aroma of coffee or the tender sunshine that hits your face, a blessing to follow the sun – the ultimate source of energy. Marvel at the simplest beauties within your reach: the family and friends, the flowers and reminders of nature that surround you. As you do this, you are also conditioning your thoughts toward the brighter side.

    Rick Hanson, author of “Hardwiring Happiness” recently shared to Huffington Post that “[Lingering on the positive] improves the encoding of passing mental states into lasting neural traits.”

  • Detach from the digital world

    With the overwhelming presence of technology in our lives these days how many hours do you spend just using your gadgets and staying online? According to research, stress is strongly associated with excessive exposure to the digital world. Imagine how many people are checking on their phones and gadgets just to make sure that they are getting new likes and messages over social media sites and their emails. Save yourself from the worst cases of being swallowed by your own digital image, live in the moment.

    Over reliance in technology will take you away from the best natural wonders in life – enjoying the easy moments while talking and laughing with someone you hold dear, watching the beautiful sky, eating slow and sleeping well. Take some time off. Allocate enough time for offline enjoyment. You will see a big difference in your life.

  • Let it be, let it go

    Forcing yourself to do things that you’re not in the mood of doing is the best way to stress out. For sure, you don’t want more stress in your life. When things seem to feel murky, let it go. Let things be – if you’d like to relax more and drink more tea, let it be. The more you drag yourself to achieve some things, you’d be burning yourself out and not really give your best shot.

    When you allow your mind to breathe and to take its time, the ripe moment will come. Then, from there, you can achieve wonders.

  • Fuel your life with meaning

    Pleasure is cool but where does it lead you? Have you ever experienced being so pleased because you’ve done something meaningful? This is why meaning is more powerful than pleasure. Remember that when you are just always thinking of the hedonistic way of life, you’ll also feel empty at some point. Pleasure flowing with meaning has this indelible mark in your mind. You know and feel that you have done something enriching. This is also an amazing way to be touched by life and touch others.
When you pursue meaning, you are also nurturing your mind to attainment that are not based on superficiality.

  • Remember that book pages are wings

    During your break time, open a book and start reading. Reading has its own therapeutic benefits. When you are opening pages of words and worlds, you are also relaxed. This is why most bookworms call it “the great escape”. Note though that the best way to read is to feel the texture of the good old book, smell the pages and drift away with the lines.
Staring on a gadget for reading may drain your energy, too. It’ great to do it the old school way.

    So, yes, you have what it takes to be the master of your own mind. Let loose and try these 7 ways. You can also discover meditative and mindful means that work for you best. Happy treading!

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