6 Tips to Release Anxiety to Feel Calm and Free


One day, I found myself so afraid of everything – dying, being seen at my weakest. I looked back at my old adventurous and careless self and missed her. I spent most of the days feeling murky, tensed, and hopeless.

A friend told me that it was all in the mind and, “Don’t be too hard on yourself, dear.” That’s when she recommended to me meditation. It was a new thing for me years ago and I was so confused at first. “How can breathing change me?” But despite the lows, I believed…. and had faith. It was very difficult for me to find that quiet space initially. I heard my own anxieties murmuring… buzzing like busy bees trying to distract me. But with dedication and faith, I made it through.

Anxiety brought so much suffering to me. And through that suffering, I have become more empathetic and compassionate with others. I empathize to what you are going through right now – whether you are directionless and full of fears, I may know how it feels like. So, I’d like to share to you 6 tips to release anxiety to feel calm and free:

1) Set perfection free

When I was younger, I thought being the best could save from everything. I was competitive and was always putting so much pressure on myself. I thought that to be perfect and to be the best would attract people to give me more attention and praises. Later, I realized that it was all about my lousy attempt to believe in myself.

When I was always on the guard to be the best, I felt so tensed and anxious… and it was not good; it was never healthy. With some of the challenges in my life happening, I have accepted and grown comfortable with imperfection. When I have set it free, I felt lighter and became more open to my own failures and the shortcomings of people around me. I recognized that these  are all stepping stones to better lives and a deeper understanding of how it is to be alive and enough.

2) Ditch multi-tasking

When we glorify the word ‘busy’, we are also dragging ourselves into trouble. Most of us think that when we are multitasking, we are achieving things faster. We also think that we are being so productive. If you try to observe it closely, multitasking makes you feel tensed. It makes you feel pressured and when you can’t finish a thing or two, you feel frustrated.

3) Try to do things you have been avoiding

I remember disliking and fearing crowded places. Whenever I thought of going to one, I could already feel my breath becoming shorter. I would tell myself, “Today is not the day for it. Perhaps I can try again next time.” But the so-called ‘next time’ never happened.  I just realized one day that I have been making excuses and that the best day to face my fear is now and today.

4) Envision a passion that relaxes you

When I felt anxious, friends would tell me to take a vacation. But I knew deep inside that wherever I am, I would still feel anxious. Then, once I was lying on my back trying to relax, I recalled how I felt so good when I’d go out for a run. The feel of the breeze on my face when I move, I liked it so much. So every time I felt anxious, I’d close my eyes and envision that I’m running under the trees with a bit of sunshine. Then, I’d breathe deeper and better.

5) Center your focus on things that you CAN control

When I was anxious, the tendecy is to focus on things that are negative. For example, I’d feel tensed and dizzy and i would start to worry too much. I would then think that something is wrong with my health. The worst thing I would then do is Google the symptoms. On the other hand, when i get checked up, it would show that I am totally fine.I decided to train myself – to tell myself, “Breathe. You are just worries. Release the tension.”

6) Take anxiety as a room for change

When I was so down with anxiety, I knew that I had to change something in my life. I looked into my lifestyle, my habits, and my passions. When I realized something was wrong, I had to initiate change and live with it. Better habits, positive mindset, and healthier living helped me tremendously.

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