6 Most Overlooked Relationship Killers

Relationships can get too comfortable that there may be some important things that we tend to forget. There are some very important factors that many tend to overlook and this can cause problems in their relationships. Here are the six most overlooked relationship killers you should be aware of.

1. Not Enough Together Time

Spending time with your partner is very important. Even if your schedule is tight and it makes it harder to have some alone time with each other, couples should make it a point include together-time in their schedule. Most break-ups and divorces happen because couples feel that they have both grown apart. But the truth is, they may have just been too busy and too lonely to see how great their relationship could have been if only they have put more effort into it.

2. Fixation

People fall in love with their partner’s specific traits and attitudes at the beginning of a relationship. But we all have to understand that through time, people change and things change. Also, there may be some things you do not know yet about your significant other. Some are turned off by some negative traits they discover about their partners. Some say “You’ve changed” and do not like how things have turned out to be. Some still hope for things to be how it was before.

Fixation is a real killer. If you really love someone you are willing to accept everything about the person and go through all the phases of your relationship, even through the ugly ones. Change is inevitable so expect it and accept it.

3. Communication Gap

Sleeping on a problem is going to cause your relationship problems. If something is bothering you, you should talk about it with your partner in a calm and loving manner. Fighting and arguing is not the solution to this. Both parties should know how to express their emotions, both negative and positive so that their partner will understand how they feel and be able to adjust to what you need.

4. Lack of Assurance

Do not wait for a special occasion to express your love and care for your lover. Couples should assure each other of their love everyday by doing things that show they care. Saying “I love you”, giving compliments and appreciate for their efforts can do wonders for a relationship.

5. Love the Parents

When you commit yourself to someone, you should also love the people he or she loves. Never say bad things about your partner’s parents. Spend time with them and care for them. Doing this will make your partner love you more.

6. Complaining

Lastly, the one thing couples should never do is to complain about what they do not have. Complaining constantly will make the other feel that you are not happy to be with him or her. It also blinds you of the good things you have as you focus on the things you don’t have. Save your relationship by starting to see the good over the bad. Learn to be thankful and content to have the things you do have. This will help you appreciate your partner more and live a simple but peaceful life.

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