6 Lessons from a Poor Childhood That Lead to a Rich Life


Just because you were poor as a child doesn’t mean you cannot succeed in the future. The Bible says the poor shall inherit the earth. This is probably because through their difficulties and struggles they learn great life lessons that make them stronger and more resilient to the many other challenges that come their way as they grow up. Here are six lessons from a poor childhood that lead to a rich life.

1. Clean your Plate

Remember when your mother always told you to clean your plate? Well this is an important lesson that poor people learn early on in life. Since food is scarce and has to be shared with the rest of the family, they learn that food is a blessing and that it is wrong to waste it. They also learn to eat only when they are hungry. Since they were deprived of the chance to indulge, they have been accustomed to eating only when they need to and not when they want to.

2. Be Thankful For the Little Things

People who live a comfortable life seem to always want more and are not easily contented. But people who came from a poor childhood know how to be thankful for the little things. They are always reminded of the times they did not have enough and so they are grateful for the times their needs are met. They learn to appreciate life and easily recognize the simplest blessings that come their way.

3. Living A Simple Life

Since they have learned to get by with so little as a child, even though they proper and become successful, people who come from poverty choose to life a simple life. They recognize the needs from the wants. They also know the true value of things beyond its price tag. Growing up wearing hand-me-down clothes from their siblings, eating simple meals with the family, playing in the streets with friends and sleeping together in a cramped space with the family may seem unpleasant for some but for these people they can be good memories that remind them that living a simple life is not that bad.

4. The Value of Hard Work and Money

Children who grow up in poverty learn early in life the importance of hard work. Some of them had to help their parents out to earn a living. Those who grew up without a family are forced to work at an early age so they can support themselves. These early experiences with work and earning money teaches them to value both.

5. The Value of Giving

A poor child learns a lot a valuable lessons like sharing, especially if he or she is part of a big family. They also learn how to work with others and the importance of cooperation. They learn how good it feels to receive and so as they grow up they learn to give to the needy. They also become cooperative, helpful and giving people.

6. Humility

The most important lesson learned from a poor childhood is humility. They grew up having nothing to be proud of and they experienced how it is to be the underdog. When the time comes that they prosper, they will never belittle anyone because they know how it feels to be in their shoes. They learn that money and success does not make you a better person, respect for others whether they are rich or poor does.

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