5 Ways To Revive Life’s Simplest Pleasures … With Technology

Have you ever thought of how all these gadgets that we have right now reduces our levels of pure communication and empathy? This question has perhaps bothered Louis C.K. for he was able to come up with this reflection, “I feel these things are poisonous, specially for little ones. They will not glimpse at people when they converse to them and they will not develop empathy.”

It can’t be denied that more and more people get so hooked with their gadgets and their online presence. This results to lesser real interaction when the hands are busy pressing keypads and the mid is busy hovering around one app to another, one instant message to the next. There is a call for appreciating the simplest pleasures of life, to be in the moment. According to recent studies, there is an enormous number of people who are literally sleeping with their Smartphones. This only shows how clingy we have gotten to technology.

Have you recently felt that you are feeling restless and helpless if you miss out on your daily wandering around Internet-land? Do you always feel that urge to reply to every instant message and notification you receive? The good news is, you do not really have to totally eradicate the whole idea and existence of technology in your life. The key is to revive the simplest pleasures in life, to maximize the usage of technology without having to completely rely on it for meaning and fulfillment.

Here are 5 ways you can do it:

1) Let yourself create with pen again

Remember the time when people would still write each other? There was beauty in the anticipation. It seemed that the stroke of the hand to craft a letter also strengthens the relationship shared by the sender and the receiver. iSketchnote is an app that enables you to revive those good old days. This time with your iPad. For sure, there’s a therapy in using it, there’s a magic that will encourage you to create more in an old-school yet techy way.

2) Use maps again, to get lost and found

In the old times, there were no GPS and instant online maps. People used stars as guides. It is never too late to revive this simple pleasure of getting lost and being found. This natural source of joy and excitement. CompassApp and Compass Professional are two stuff you may want to check out – to unleash your inner navigator.

3) Let your thoughtfulness be felt

When was the last time you got a postcard from someone? Is it not the sweetest thing? Make your friends and loved-ones across the miles feel your thoughts (because you actually do think of them one by one, fondly). These days, the way people keep in touch is sometimes too instant. Postagram is the amazing app that can enable you to send postcards the snail mail way. Using your best snapshots and this 99 cents app, you can send your heartfelt sweetness and affection to those you hold dear. It’s not only them that will enjoy the magnificent feeling of being remembered, you will also be continuously amazed of how your thoughts reach others by maximizing technology.

4) Go stargaze all you want

It has been said that if more people watch the stars at night, the world will be a better place. The amazing thing about stargazing is this – when you are good at it, you’ll be awed of the vastness of the universe. It is also a great activity to expand your knowledge about the constellations, etc. Apps like skEye and Star Wander make stargazing an activity that will not just nourish your mind but also your soul! There’s no need to bring some ebook with you to locate and identify the Big Dipper. Looking at and into our stars, we can surely discover the delight it brings and the enlightenment it has for us.

5) Identify a real source of beauty, a bird

Addicted to Twitter? Perhaps, it is not the best way to hone your creativity and mindfulness. Ever heard of the app BirdsEye and iBird? These are widely used by creative minds like Paul McCartney. Observe birds and feel the serenity in their flights. You, too, will surely reap from this awesome way of reviving one of the simplest pleasures out there.

Undoubtedly, we have come to an age of great innovation. Others have questioned the goodness of technology in creating meaning in our lives. These 5 ways we have shared feature apps that you can use in finding pleasure from simple activities of connecting with others and re-connecting with yourself.

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