5 Ways to Connect With a Dying Loved One


When a loved one is on their death bed, family members, relatives and friends do their best to show their sympathy and love while they still can. Somehow people who love the dying person feel helpless in trying to give comfort or even to simply communicate to the sick especially when they are unconscious. Here are five ways to connect with a dying loved one, and make them feel that you are with them to the end.

Your presence

These days it is so easy to communicate with others even through far distances. Because of this, people send support and sympathize with the sick by simply posting on their Facebook wall. They can also send thoughtful messages by texting, calling and video calling. But if you really want to let the dying person know just how important they are to you and that you really care, you will make the effort to be there physically.

1. Happy Talk

If the sick person is conscious, you can try to get his or her mind off the pain by happy conversation. Talk about your happy and funny times together. Tell jokes or discuss topics that the sick person is enthusiastic about. Having a positive talk with someone can help lessen the emotional and psychological suffering that comes with whatever is causing them pain.

2. Touch

When a person is sick, in pain or is dying, even when he or she is surrounded by people, there is that feeling of being alone. A simple touch on the hand helps build a connection with the patient. Closer physical contact can do so much more. Science proves that a 20 second hug helps the body release hormones that make a person feel happier. A warm hug, a kiss or a simple cuddle can be a big help in easing the suffering of the dying loved one.

3. Reading

The last sense organ to go when a person is about to die is the sense of hearing. Reading stories to a dying loved one can help the person feel less frightened and alone. Choose inspirational books or stories that will calm the person down. He or she may not respond to what you say, but there is a big chance that the dying is listening to your reading.

4. Music

Music has its effect on people’s moods. Play some calming music by the bed side of the sick and dying. You can also play his or her favorite songs. This is a thoughtful way of showing him or her that you remember the things that make the dying loved one happy.

5. Prayer

Lastly, when death is inevitable, the best way to help the dying person connect to his or her spirituality is by praying with them. Help them make peace with themselves by repenting for the sins they have done and by forgiving those who have done them wrong. In case they no longer can pray for themselves, pray by the bed side and let them know that you want him or her to be at peace with God.

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