5 steps to a limitless mind


Numbers dominate our lives these days. We are obsessed with numbering anything around us. It is as if when we do it, we are empowered and “in”. The mind is very competitive and it automatically numbers this and that because it seems that everyone is doing it.

Think of a day. Think of how many times your mind have wandered to estimate something or to calculate the tick of the counter. The mind is so competitive to the extent that it puts the body at risk. The mind does not recognize the limits of the body so it pushes it to unhealthy acts like drinking, overeating, drug abuse, competitive sports, overworking, and stress. A limitless mind does not require a limitless body literally.

Well, if you really love numbers, here are ways to stop that dilemma and at the same time making the most out of the balance:

1) Stop going around asking everyone what is the ONE solution to everything

It seems that our society is now getting more obsessed on the idea that there is a sole solution to everything. You may wander around the web and find all the articles that would want to convince you that it does exist. Stop believing that there is a way out – in an instant. Work your way and reap the fruits of your dedication and determination.

2) Stop mining for more information

We are in the time of information overload. It seems that one click leads to the next. We can’t get enough of information. On the other hand, if we really think about it, isn’t it that everything seems so fleeting these days? You share information; it fades away in each click of the newsfeed. Look for knowledge. Invest your time and energy on knowledge… and when applied, it becomes wisdom. The world is spinning with too much talk and less action. Make a difference.

3) Stop making “I don’t have time” as an excuse

Do you have the habit of checking you watch all the time? Do you get caught up with little shallow things through the day? Perhaps you need to give more time to what matters: people, experience, interaction, and reflection. Due to glorifying busy, we’d always want to make people feel that we are indeed busy. Stop making “I don’t have time” as an excuse. Act upon the aspects that need your mindfulness. If you do this, you’ll have more spare time and will enjoy days more.

4) Stop making lists and to-dos

Lists are now being highly-regarded as life savers – reminders of what to do and what is always being forgotten. On the other hand, they actually tend to steal you from being in the moment. We stress about these lists too. For example you’d feel like “Oh my, I haven’t ticked off that list item yet.” It creates this mental image of you having to chase after things that are not with you yet. If you focus your energies to your life in the present, you’ll enjoy it more. You’ll savor each time and you’ll enjoy the journey whether it involves the highs or lows.

5) Stop obsessing with counting numbers (and money)

When your mind is always hooked with money, it makes it limited. Numbers are finite and they narrow the vastness of wonder and imagination. Besides counting money, you might have been also counting calories. It is just another way to stress you out. To check out every piece of food or beverage you take in and to get frustrated when you still put on weight despite the counting. Let it go. Let life flow and do your part cautiously.

With these five steps, you’ll surely let your mind reach the most beautiful corners- unsuppressed and limitless.

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