5 Fascinating facts about daydreams


We all tend to drift into some other place in our mind once and a while. Day dreaming happens a lot when we are bored or when we would rather be somewhere else than where we really are. Our day dreams become our personal escape from reality even just for a few minutes.

But did you know that there are actually some fascinating facts that prove that daydreaming is more than just something to pass the time. It can actually be helpful and even beneficial in making life a lot more tolerable. Here are 5 fascinating facts about daydreams.

1. Subconscious Problem Solving

A scientific study showed that there is more brain activity with people on REM sleep or at daydream mode, than those who were asked to focus and think of a solution for a problem. For some reason, the brain is subconsciously making connections and doing problem solving without needing any deep thought. Its like the brain goes on autopilot once we drift into our imaginary worlds.

2. Reminds You Of Your Desires and Dreams

When you daydream you may notice that there is that constant theme. You will most likely see yourself in situations that you have always wanted to be in. You may daybream about receiving the award you have always wanted or marrying the person you have always dreamed of being with for the rest of your life. Daydreams remind you of your innermost desires and dreams.

3. A Sign Of Being Young At Heart (And Mind)

As children, pretending and daydreaming is considered normal. As adults, we have somehow suppressed that need to imagine and create in our heads. We have put this habit off to stay awake and live in the real world for most of our waking moments. But if you daydream constantly, it simply shows that you are still a child at heart and in mind. Enjoy those youthful thoughts and never feel old a day in your life.

4. It Is A Great Stress Reliever

Daydreaming is a great stress reliever. The idea of being in control and knowing you can make anything happen in your own private fantasy is a great escape and release of frustrations as well. Daydreaming is also used as a form of meditation. Going to that quiet place in your head can do wonders in lowering your stress levels.

5. It Helps Soothe Your Pains

Mind control experts say that pain is all in the mind. Because of this, daydreaming can actually help soothe your physical pains or heart breaks by distracting you from reality. Just like a pain reliever that blocks the chemicals in the brain that send signals about pain, daydreaming can temporarily trick your mind to thinking the pain is not there.

The best example of how daydreaming can help soothe pain is meditation. If you are able to control your thoughts, your focus and your way of thinking, you can also control your mood and how you can deal with problems, hardships and even pain.

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