42 Things I wish I could tell my Younger Self


To get nourished, I talk and listen to cosmic friends who are wiser. One of my dear friends is a lover of tranquillity, creativity, and community. I would always sit intently and catch all the gems from her lips. She has been a great teacher to me. I recall how I felt so blessed when I first met her. One thing that I totally loved about her is the tolerance to my youthful idealism that time. I bet she knew I was going through some transition period in my life.

I have learned so much from her. Besides being a great communicator, she is also a healer. Her words, her visions serve as balm to any longing heart.

I have collected nuggets of wisdom from her and here are 52 things she wish she could tell her younger self, and some I personally nodded my head on:

  1. Life is good. It may not feel like it is all the time. But most of the time it is. Stay grateful and attentive.
  2. It is good that we are clueless of what is going to happen to us. Most of the time, the thought of all these can be truly tormenting.
  3. If you are shy, take your time to reach out to others and conquer your fears slowly. It’s great to meet new people too. When you go out of your comfort zone, you welcome the most soulful chances.
  4. Study hard does not mean killing yourself over books. Be dedicated but strategic.
  5. It may not be easy to speak out what is deeply connected to you. But still do it, and you’ll be surprised.
  6. Move to sweat out, eat healthy, and get some good rest. The older you become, you will understand why.
  7. There are those who will get you. Learn to connect to them.
  8. You are unique and you are enough but there is also room for progress and growth for your inexperience.
  9. You are on a journey and sometimes things change so fast. Be open and know that it’s a great journey no matter what.
  10. When you find someone you can connect to, invest your time and energy for its betterment. Deepen the relationship for it is vital to your own journey.
  11. Never waste your time believing in an ideal person to be with. Just be patient and one day, it will work out.
  12. Sometimes, it is the best day to move on.
  13. When you feel so alone and not happy about it, make a move. Reach out.
  14. Parents dream the best for you. But also remember that you have a whole life ahead on your own. Find the balance of honoring them and honoring your own capacity.
  15. Don’t watch to much TV. Read more or play more outside. There are better things to do that sit there and believe the biggest lie.
  16. Give your heart to what you are passionate at. Build a career path that you would love. Be also open to try new gigs that can expand your mind.
  17. Do not get carried away with information fed to you. Weigh details, perceive, and decide.
  18. Avoid closed-minded people. They will ruin your beautiful mind.
  19. Stay curious. Be careful about your curiosity but never be afraid to celebrate it.
  20. Grab the chance to travel. This will enlighten you, broaden your thinking, nourish your being, and connect you to the deeper core of life.
  21. Sing more. You don’t need to be a real singer. Sing in the shower.
  22. Stay creative. Do something with your body, your hands, and your mind.
  23. Give time to self-reflection. Finding a quiet space will help you see things clearly. And most importantly, will help you accept the highs and lows of your life.
  24. Don’t dwell on how others have hurt you. Let the negative emotions slip away.
  25. Forgive. It is the attribute of the strong. You don’t need excess baggage.
  26. Always forgive your self.
  27. Be grateful. Say thanks to anything big or small. It will keep you happier.
  28. Be a blessing to others. Be a source of kindness and inspiration.
  29. Laugh. It does keep the doctor away. Come on; don’t take your self too seriously.
  30. Sex is good but it’s not everything to keep you balanced and happy.
  31. Bad things happen. Bad things happen even to good people. Don’t ask why. Just open your heart. Move forward and learn from these circumstances.
  32. There are some people you will never understand or like. Don’t let the idea of them suck your best energies. Keep them away.
  33. Be involved. Be a contributor in the betterment of your community. This is very important. You just don’t sit there feeling small and useless. You can do something.
  34. Write your heart out. It’s therapeutic.
  35. Don’t let technology consume you. Your relationships matter. Your presence is beautiful. Unplug sometimes.
  36. Vulnerability is the fuel of humanity. Be vulnerable. Be human.
  37. Watch stars. Be in nature often. Through nature, you’ll find connections that you can’t find somewhere else.
  38. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t doubt it just because you are insecure.
  39. Look at people beyond their skin. Do not believe in perfection. People are imperfect like you. This is why we are all beautiful and worth loving.
  40. Be gentle to other living creatures. We share the same home.
  41. Scars are maps. Don’t hide them. Allow others to go on treasure hunting your stories.
  42. Be compassionate. The world is not just about you. You are young and you have all the energies to help others in need.

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