4 Signs you are being perceived as Insecure


In today’s highly competitive world in the field of business, sports, and politics and even in our ordinary daily lives, it is important to show our confidence or else people will have a hard time following our leads or understanding us. It is never easy to retain a confident front to everyone we meet every day and that is why it is important to always analyze ourselves if we are functioning correctly by knowing the signs when others are starting to perceive as an insecure person.

Being perceived as an insecure person is not the best way to build a first impression because it quickly present an image of weakness and inability to be given and trusted with a responsibility, and if you are engage in a high stakes career – this could even cause  your downfall and eventually lose your job.

So, this early let us study the mistakes you are already committing that makes other people see you as an insecure individual, this way you will have the time to correct it and replace it with a confident swagger that will elicit respect and commands authority to entice anyone to follow your lead and become relaxed in your presence.

Here are 4 Signs you are being perceived as Insecure

  • Speaking Aloud and Stiff Body Language
  • When we start acting and feeling like a different person lacking in self-assurance we start to speak with a high voice that may sound as angry and of someone lacking self-confidence. This happens when we become tensed and constricted especially on our body part below the neck, we end up speaking loud and very fast. Same thing goes for our body language, if we act around people clenching our hands, jaw or butt or displaying a million other unnecessary body movements, we end up projecting tension.
  • Erratic Breathing Pattern
  • Shallow breathing affects not only the modulation of our voice but also our overall body movement. By breathing in a shallow manner we expose our weakness as it is a signal of feeling nervous, afraid and unsure about ourselves. You might as well excuse yourself whenever you feel like you are starting to breathe in a shallow manner and go somewhere to compose yourself.
  • Losing Grasp of the Present and Becoming Hyper-vigilant
  • When we are confident about ourselves we feel relaxed and safe and connected with the moment. When we start losing grasp of the present we become hyper-vigilant about how people perceive us. In turn we over-emphasize on how others see us and put much effort worrying if they accept us or not, doing so we make things worse and appear as having an erratic and insecure behavior.
  • The Usual Suspect Behaviors
  • And of course, the usual behaviors of non-verbal communication, being defensive, lack of confidence and jealousy are the foremost triggers of anxieties. Insecure people often keep to themselves and avoid every opportunity of conversing with other people. If you keep on doing this it will send a message that you don’t fit properly with a group of people. For someone who depends on a job this could prove disastrous as it may result to your firing. When you start feeling like you are shying away from oral communication, it is time to exert effort to open up all communication lines with your friends and colleagues.
  • Feeling defensive, lacking self-confidence and jealousy are obvious traits that will definitely make other people perceive you as an insecure person. Do not feel defensive if anybody gives you creative criticisms rather challenge yourself to be better and prove that you can correct certain mistakes and make the most of every shot at redemption. The same thing goes to lacking confidence and feeling jealous of people around you. Learn to believe in your capabilities and at the same time be happy for the success of others – as what they say; happy and confident people flock together.

So it is about time for you to choose which side are you? The happy and confident bunch? Or the insecure lot? My guess is you are choosing the happy and confident bunch, then take note of these signs and correct them one by one until you start projecting a very confident appearance.

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