4 Lessons to Teach Your Kids

As a parent, there are a lot of things we would want to teach our kids to make sure they would grow up as good and productive citizens. But there are actually four very important lessons that every parent should always remember to teach their kids. These are very effective tools in ensuring that your kids grow up with a sense of self and a great regard for others.


Teach your kids to politely say “thank you.”  I know your kids probably do this already but make it more of a habit at home to say thank you even for the littlest things. Teach them to say thank you through a prayer as soon as they rise. Make them say thank you to each other for every kindness done to them. Teach them to say grace and to give thanks for every meal. And at the end of the day, teach them to count their blessings for the day as they pray.

Gratitude is not just good manners. It is also a way of teaching them to appreciate the good things that they have. When we forget to be thankful for the things that we have, we tend to focus on the things we do not have and this makes us unhappy. A grateful child will grow up to be someone who knows how to be content and happy even if he or she does not have everything they want to have.

Be Nice

We all have heard our parents tell us to be nice. But some people can make being nice quite hard. It is difficult to be nice to someone who is mean or indifferent. Teach your child to be nice to people even if they do not deserve it. Remind them of the commandment saying “Love your enemy.” Teach them to choose to be the better person by not stooping to the level of people who choose to be rude or bitter.

Be Yourself

As kids grow up, their preferences can be affected by their peers and by the people around them. Adults may try to dictate how kids should be according to their opinions. Friends and classmates may dictate how your child may dress or which fashion is cool or not. The great task of a parent is to allow your child to be himself or herself.  Make them know that it is okay to “be yourself.

Remember, your child cannot be exactly like you. He or she is a whole different person with so many possibilities. Make them explore and discover their potential. And if you find their God given talents, support them and make them see just how special they are.  Make them realize that they do not need to conform to be great. Teach your child to believe in himself or herself and be the guide to his or her dreams.

Decision Making

Most parents fear that their kids may make mistakes that can hurt them as they grow up. Because of this we try to make decisions for them.  This is wrong. At an early age, instead of dictating how your child dresses or what activities the child would want to do, present options from where the child may choose for himself or herself. This way you teach your child how to make decisions for himself or herself.

Allowing kids to make small decisions for themselves gives them a sense of self worth. It also shows them that you have trust in their judgement. And because of this they will realize that no matter what other people say, they are in control of their decisions for their own life. Allow your kids to make their own mistakes to learn from. That is the only way to prepare them for the real world when they grow up.

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