3 Ways to Be More Efficient


People these days work hard for a living. They run from one task to the other just to get things done. But not everybody can accomplish things as fast and as effficient as they would want to. Because of this, many get overcome by stress as their work piles up in front of them. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three ways to be more efficient with your work.

1. Write it Down

Do not rely on your memory to remember all the things that need to be done. No matter how good your memory is, there will always be a time that you will be too busy to remember everything. There will always be something that would be left out or if not done poorly.

Write everything down so that you can plan your way of action. Making a list of your tasks, ideas and solutions to your challenges will help you finish things on time and deliver a better quality of work.

It is easier to document things these days. With the help of modern technology you can have your calendar, diary, digital notepad and more in the palm of your hand. As for me, I am a bit old fashioned. I carry around a notebook and a pen to keep track of things.

2. One At A Time

The digital age has its advantages. Work can be done with ease with the touch of a button. But because of this development, people these days also tend to overwork themselves by multi-tasking. Doing this may be able to get things done faster, but by doing so, the quality of work may suffer.

Follow your list of things to be done. Take each task one at a time. Focus on one thing first. Plan and think things through. Always do your best for every task, whether it is big or small. Take pride in your work and you will gain the reputation as an efficient worker.

3. Lessons Learned

You gain knowledge and experience in the line of work you have chosen through the course of time you have been in it. Look back to your past experiences and analyze your development. Take note of the times you failed terribly and also remember the times you were at your best.

Mistakes and failures can teach you about the things that you should avoid and the thing that you need to improve on. These moments can tell your the habits that make you inneficient and so you have to avoid them. Mistakes make you realize your weaknesses. Once you know these, you can work on finding ways to overcome them and improve yourself in the process.

Your great moments of success, on the other hand, can make you realize your strengths. These great skills, talents and gifts are your tickets to being more efficient. Recognize these strengths. Hone them and use them to your advantage. Your strengths make you unique and will help you excell in the tasks that you are given.

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