3 Secrets to help you get over a break-up now


Whatever the reason for the break-up is, there is always pain when leaving someone or being left behind. As what you may have already noticed, getting over a break-up is not really the easiest thing in the world. There are even people who spend too many years just grieving and being scared to love again.

You always ask yourself, “what did I do wrong” and worse, trust and security issues bombard you. When you broken-hearted, you tend to postpone plans and just detach yourself from all things beautiful and possible. This is why getting over a break-up is badly needed – to move on, to go further, to start anew.

So, if you are in such a tough time of your life now (trying to get over an ex who still keeps running back and forth in your head), here are 3 secrets to help you get over that break-up now:

1) Accept the negative emotions that still linger today and release it through physical activities and other alternative means of catharsis. Others always try to conceal what they feel, try to avoid the pin and the sadness. Be open to your own vulnerability. When you feel the pain, express it. If there is a need to cry or throw pillows away, do it. It helps ease the murky feelings. Remember that the more you try to forget someone, the more painful it becomes. Let the footprints of the sand be blown away by the wind of time. Channeling your energy to a hobby especially something very physical is a great way to release all the emotions that make you feel gloomy.

When you move more, you are able to sweat it out and feel energized. Your happy hormones are also being released more.

Some great activities you can try:

  • Long aimless walks
  • Cycling
  • Trekking
  • Going barefooted in nature
  • Swimming
  • Cooking and eating healthy
  • Cleaning the house
  • Crafting DIY stuff
  • Free running
  • Adventure sports
  • Traveling
  • Reading uplifting books and articles
  • Watching feel good and heartwarming movies
  • Listening to chill and atmospheric music

2) Breathe better and be in the moment. What seems to kill people who are going through a fresh break-up is the regrets that come with it. “I should have done this to save the relationship…” Flashbacks are not the easiest things to deal with. Sometimes, there are moments when all the memories you’ve shared come back and it kills you. Most people who can’t get over an ex always ponder on the past and what they could do to turn back time and correct something. When your heart goes heavy, close your eyes and breathe better. Breathe in and out, deeply.

As you breathe better, you are in the moment. When in the moment, you realize that you are here now – you are stronger, you are more loving. You love yourself more.

You can also try mindful ways like: meditation, yoga, retreats, recollection, and reflection.

There are various websites and apps that can help you achieve mindfulness. You can try various meditation (guided) apps. Aromatherapy and warm baths can also help you be in the zone.

3) Focus internally and let your passion go. When you feel that things are crumbling down around you, never forget to look inside you and awaken your passions. If you love to write, enjoy sports, go on nature trips, do it. No matter what you put your heart into just do it without hesitation. It is through this that other people appreciate you and see you through. Maybe because of your relationship, you have set aside your biggest personal interests. Perhaps due to your break-up you feel in a rut. Quiet the conflicts outside you and journey within to discover or re-discover what you love doing.

It is when you follow your compass that you learn more about how beautiful you are as a person.

To aid you in achieving this focus, you can try: journaling, listing down your strengths and potentials, talking to a confidante about your dreams and aspirations.

These 3 secrets to help you get over a break-up now rely on how willing you are to change. Remember to never force it. The flow of life speaks so much about how your heart beats. Take it slow and easy, give yourself time to heal. When you are in a hurry, you might feel that the wounds are gone but actually they really are not. So cry and bleed if you want to. The wound is an opening that allows light to pass through.

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