23 Things Every Woman Should Stop Doing


As women, there are a lot of things we do that seem normal and harmless, but in reality they can actually do us more harm than good once you get to think about it a little more. I have made a list of things every woman should stop doing, for her own sake.

1. Overworking

I believe in the equality of sexes. Women can now be found in the work place too. But as a human being, you should also know your limits. Do not overwork yourself and take that much needed vacation when you can.

2. Sticking With Bad Company

The saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. Stick with bad company and you may just find trouble. Choose your friends carefully because they can influence you.

3. Doing Things Out of Obligation

No one can force you to do anything without your consent. Save yourself the stress and the misery. Stop doing things out of obligation.

4. Hiding Your Personality

We are all different from each other. Do not hide who you are by trying to conform. The world needs your uniqueness. Let everyone know who you are. Be proud of your interests, hobbies and ideals.

5. Too Much Submission

Women have been taught to be submissive, especially to their husbands. But this submission has to be balanced with self respect and worth.

6. Constant Apologies

Saying sorry all the time is not a good habit. Instead of apologizing all the time, think of ways to correct your mistakes.

7. Sacrificing Too Much

Women, especially mothers tend to sacrifice too much for the people they love. Even giving has its limits. Love yourself too and do not neglect your own needs.

8. Announcing Your Flaws

Many of us make fun of our own flaws. But to constantly point them out is not healthy. Focus on your good traits because this will help you build your confidence.

9. Starving Yourself
Women tend to think of food as the enemy. Stop starving yourself to maintain a sexy figure. Your goal should be to have a healthy body. If you do not eat enough, you may just end up getting sick.

10. Focusing on Aesthetics

These days, they say that if you are ugly, it is your fault. There are now many beauty treatments that can improve a woman’s look. But to focus too much on aesthetics will make you vain and dependent on these beauty treatments. They should just help improve your look and not totally change it.

11. Caring About What Others Say

Since we are all exposed to social media, it is easy to comment and like photos and posts. It is also easy to create make believe posts that will make your life look more exciting than it actually is. Stop caring about what others say about you and just keep it real.

12. Envying Other People’s Lives

Seeing other people’s posts online, I admit that sometime I envy them and hope I too was off to another place in the world or moving in to my new house too. But when I do, I simply turn the tables and think that maybe someone out there too is hoping to be in my shoes. We all have our own share of blessings. Do not envy anyone.

13. Belittle-ling Your Achievements

You too have a right to succeed. Do not belittle your achievements and enjoy your triumphs as they come.

14. Dressing to Impress

Stop wearing those painful high heels and tight uncomfortable clothes just to impress other people. Dress comfortably and do not be afraid to explore your own fashion style. Dress for your own satisfaction.

15. Gossiping

Let’s admit that women love to gossip. We should just remember the golden rule. Do not do unto others what you do not want them to do unto you. You have no right to judge others and vice versa.

17. Self Pity

This one actually applies to both man and woman. Women tend to do this more though. Stop looking in the mirror and feeling sorry for that woman with flaws. You should learn to embrace her and remind her that she is awesome.

18. Pretending to Be Someone Else

Social media has drawn a picture of the ideal woman in our heads. Stop trying to live up to being like Barbie or that lady doctor on ER. Be yourself and stop pretending to be something you are not.

19. Trying Hard to Be “Normal”

We all have our own weirdness inside of us. Do not try too hard to live up to being a “normal” woman, because you will end up hiding some aspects of your own personality. No one can define “normal” properly anyway so just be your natural self. That is your normal.

20. Believing Everything Online

These days, we can look up on the internet anything we want to learn about. The problem is, many women believe everything they read on the internet. Be smart enough to decipher which information is valid and which ones are questionable.

21. Being the Weaker Sex

Women are tagged as the weaker sex, probably because we are too emotional and so we tend to be more vulnerable. But our sensitivity can also be our strength. Use it to your advantage and stop being the weaker sex.

22. Chasing the Biological Clock

Unlike men, we women have a biological clock. At a certain age, we can no longer have children and our bodies change as we grow older. Stop stressing about this and just enjoy whatever events come into your life. We all have our own life stories. Do not waste yours by chasing the inevitable.

23. Fearing the word Alone

It is a known fact that there are more women than men in the world. Many of us are bound to live our lives alone. Do not be afraid. You do not need a man to complete you. I believe that we all have our match and we just have to be patient until we find them. In the mean time, surround yourself with friends and relatives who love you. If you open your heart to the people that come into your life, you will never be alone.

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