15 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams Today

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. John Lennon knows that all human beings are dream beings.

What is your greatest dream? Have you been postponing dreams in the past years?

Perhaps, you have reasons to do it.

That’s exactly what happened to me. Since I was young, I wanted to travel, to seek places, to meet strangers, to relish in the sights, sounds, and sensations of new surroundings. But fear stopped me and it has stopped me so much the dream felt so distant in some days.

It had to come to a point when I felt my life was an empty space and I was just breathing day in and day out for no meaning, no pursuit. I thought to myself, perhaps, I have to go back to what my heart truly beats for – to wander, to travel, to be enriched by it.

And so, I dared and took the leap. One day, I just felt I have to be doing what I love most – travelling. So, I decided to work as freelancer and become a digital nomad. It has been years now and I have been to many places and have met so many wonderful people. What I have learned from travel has given more education than what I have learned in school.

Slowly, the days became more beautiful, my soul was rising from the ashes and I have never been so happy and fulfilled. I feel most connected to others and to my very self. The scattered experiences and friends have completed my deeper appreciation for my own self.

Perhaps, you have a different from me but I am certain that 15 reasons to follow your dreams today:

  • You will feel more positive

Not being able to follow one’s dream gives you a feeling of being limited, being helpless. Because of this, you also feel lighter. You will also treat people with enthusiasm and have more space for solution than disappointment.

  • You’ll be more grateful

As you open your heart to your dreams, you’ll begin to notice more that your life is leading you to better days and this is when gratitude grows more in your heart. Remember that a life of gratitude is a life of blessings.

  • New experiences will happen

When you are taking the path of your dreams, the journey takes you to new and exciting opportunities to be a better person – you meet beautiful people, and you encounter situations that make you wiser.

  • You will feel braver

The feeling of helplessness comes from the core of being limited or forced limitation.
As you follow your dream, you do things for yourself to make your aspiration come true. You then, feel braver than ever.

  • Wonderful people will find you

It is only when you follow your heart when those who follow their hearts too find each other in this big universe. This experience will always enrich you.

  • You will feel more inspired

Each day will make you feel inspired. As the fruits of your pursuit unfold, you will realize that there are some many beautiful possibilities out there.

  • You will inspire others

Those who surround you will notice how you are trying your best to follow your dreams. They, too, will be inspired. Who knows? They may also start their journey toward their own aims. Your life will serve as inspiration not just to loved-ones but even to strangers one day.

  • Your will be simplified

Life gets heavy when you want to do so many things or you go passion-less. If you follow your dream today, it will save you from wasting time on things that do not fall in connection with it. Your dreams will protect you from crossroads.

  • You will try to be healthier

As you let your dreams happen, you will realize that you have to live with wellness and vitality in order to keep the good things coming. You will invest more on how you can live a healthier life.

  • You will feel happier

Smiling will become easier for you because even when you are in silence, you know deep within that your dreams are starting to bloom one by one. You will smile more to others because positivity is in your heart. As you feel glad every time, your life will attract more goodness.

  • You will notice a special glow in your eyes

Because fulfilment and joy flow in your spirit, people will then notice that there is a special glow in your eyes – a sign of enjoying life to the fullest.

  • You will learn new things

The willingness to learn more grows with the enthusiasm to let your dreams grow bigger too. New things will feel exciting for you. It is because you feel that it is a part of your success.

  • You will relish on the sights and sounds of life

Life will feel brand new because each day is another day to experience the fulfilment of your dreams. Each sight will appeal to you in a better way; each sound will be more appreciated.

  • You’ll be more open to help others

It’s when you are able to cultivate growth in your life when you also become more open to help others. As you succeed, you feel that you are also responsible to help others achieve prosperity in their lives.

  • You’ll love yourself more

This is the most beautiful part of following your dream, when you do it, you discover new things about which you are, and you also become more forgiving of yourself in times of downfalls. Each change, each achievement will feel so good. Loving yourself more is also the door to loving life in general.

They say that the opposite of life is not death but fear. Taking these reasons in mind, you will feel that there is nothing to be scared of. Each step to follow your dream today will surely go back to your own happiness, your own meaningful journey.

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