14 Signs Your Perfectionism Has Gotten Out Of Control


In general, being a perfectionist is considered an advantage at school and at work. It means you do not settle for anything less than the best and that you will always strive to do excellent work. It is a trait that companies look for in their leaders. You could say that perfectionists are always at an advantage and are more likely to succeed in every endeavor. Still anything that is too much is bad. There are times that your perfectionism could take over and you lose control without even knowing it. Here are some signs that your perfectionism has gotten out of control.


Perfectionists hate to be called average or to be considered as a commoner. They always want to be better than everybody else, and to prove that, they tend to deviate from what the common folks do.

You Miss School

Perfectionists find themselves nostalgic of their school days. This is because it was easy to know whether you are doing well or not. Through high grades and teacher’s praises, rewards for your actions are much clearly stated, unlike in the real world where much disappointment can be met.

Constant Procrastinating

Perfectionists have a constant tendency to procrastinate or put things aside for later. They are torn between doing things perfectly and waiting for the perfect time to do things.

Too Eager To Please

When you are too eager to please others around you to the point of losing yourself then you have a problem. You should not need to seek other people’s approval for anything.

Suffering for Perfection

If you are suffering somehow and take it as something normal or part of the process to reach perfection then there is something terribly wrong. A little sacrifice brought about by hard work is fine. But if you think constant suffering to achieve perfection is right then you are losing control.

Always A Critic

its okay to criticize people once and a while, especially if it is constructive criticism. But if you find yourself always critcizing everyone and everything around you then that is a sign that you may have a problem. Pointing out the flaws of others may as well be your way of covering up your own flaws.

Hates Criticism

It is typical for someone who is too much of a perfectionist to hate being criticized. It is ironic for someone who likes criticizing others. If you find yourself being defensive all the time when someone scrutinizes you, then you may just need to make some changes in your behavior.

You Don’t Like Losing

Over-perfectionists are such sore losers. They won’t compete wit anyone unless they know they will surely win. And when they fail or lose they give up on an endeavor all together.

Too Secretive

Perfectionists are afraid to admit that they have flaws and weaknesses. Because of this they fail to trust other people and so they keep to themselves. These people appear to be strong on the outside and secretly suffer on the inside.

No Contentment

Perfectionists are bound to achieve success one way or another, but it seems to never be enough. They failed to see what they need to be thankful for today. Instead they keep looking forward wanting more.

Cry Baby

Over perfectionists are such sore losers, they take failure too seriously. Because of this they find themselves crying for the silliest things.

Its Personal

If you take everything personally, when things should be “just business” then you are in trouble. You should know what really matters and what can be left at the office.

Joy In Other’s Fall

One big sign that you are losing control of your perfectionism is when you find joy in the failure of others. Although the person’s failure does not make you more successful, knowing someone is suffering still makes you smile and that is bad.

Guilt Trip

The last sign is getting those guilt trip moments when you get to look back and reflect to see the things that you have been doing wrong. As smart as you are, you get to acknowledge that there is something wrong and it is beyond your control.

Striving for perfection is not a bad thing. What makes it wrong is when you overdo things and you begin to lose yourself in the process. Never lose sight of your goal and why you are doing things in the first place. Keeping this in mind will help you stay on track as you strive for perfection.

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