11 Ways To Plant The Seeds For A Happier Life

If we look into each human heart closely, the strongest desire is to be happier. No matter who the person is, each of us usually dreams to stay happier all the time. For every person, this path has a different shape, a different color. This is the reason why we can’t just take another person’s path.

Each path is so unique and special and we need some guiding sources of wisdom to make it through. Here are 11 ways to plant the seeds for a happier life:

Cultivate gratitude

Wherever you are right now in your life, cultivating gratitude in your heart opens doors to happiness. What people usually fail to realize is that the moment they are living in is so valuable. Imagine such a big world, imagine so many people walking around, wandering, and searching for their tiny space under the sun. Here you are, living this life. You have enough, you are a breathing source of life and love. Remember that life is not all about achieving perfection, not about being at the frontline of everything. Each day, as you wake up, whisper a sincere thank you and the universe will surely hear you.

Give time for your bonds

Remember the beautiful nostalgia that you get when you run to old memories shared with others? There is a rush of blood that makes you feel back in some point in time, you laughed with a certain person. Our relationships give color to our existence. Can you imagine this life without having to invest on relationships? Your family, friends, acquaintances, and loved-ones all comprise the connections that enable you to get to know yourself more,  get to know yourself better. Solitude is great but make sure that you give quality time to your relationships and bonds, nurture the attachment without getting too clingy. This sense of belonging with others will not only keep you happier but also healthier.

Set your imagination free

Believe that all human beings are dream beings. All the wonderful things in this world right now were once imagined impossibilities. Daydream if you must. It is not a crime. When you let your mind wander rand your soul bask into the sweetness of your imagination, you are actually allowing yourself to envision the life that you want, the magic that you are capable of. Be happier by not letting others and critics stop you from reaching your full potential.

Take the chances to move and exercise

Not being able to move a lot, makes you feel bored and sad. Scientifically, it gives rise to the supply of depressive hormones. In order for you to feel naturally happy whatever the day is, give yourself the chance and time to move. From simply taking long walks, jogging around the park, dancing indoors or doing some yoga, you are planting the seed for a happier life. When you are making exercise a part of your good habits, you will experience its great results on the process.

Find time for healthy solitude

As you enrich your spirit by mingling and building connections, never forget to plant the seed of healthy solitude. When you are alone, you are able to listen to your innermost thoughts. This is very essential in finding peace of mind. Being alone is empowering – it lets you follow what you desire and just marvel at the moment fully without being bothered by anything around you. The relationship you have with yourself determines how secure and accepting you are to the real you.

Develop the strength to forgive

“Forgiveness is only the attribute of the strong”. Living life with hatred and grudges will just make you feel murky. Conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable but staying open to the idea of vulnerability and forgiveness will continuously cleanse you. When you forgive others, you are also letting yourself go and move forward. Remember, life is a flow.

Laugh often

You might have heard of laughter yoga. It some kind of ritual where practitioners gather to laugh no matter how they feel inside. According to experts, if you make laughing a daily habit, it then becomes part of your system. It’s true that laughter is the best medicine. It reduces stress and contributes in your over-all health and well-being. Find humor even in the most unlikely times, it will save you.

Pursue a passion

You know what drains human beings? The repetition. The lack of fire in what we do. Take some time to examine yourself, your daily life, and your habits. Are you planting the seeds of passion? People are now caught up with making a living that it keeps them away from making a life. What is something you have long been wanting to do if you have all the freedom? DO IT NOW. When you do, you will feel alive and happier.

Carry kindness in your heart

More than anything else in the world, it is kindness that will set your heart free. Do not be hardened by what you see, hear and feel around you. You need not be a part of the blinded crowd. It is when you are kind that kindness always finds you back.

Choose love no matter what

Happiness is the child of love. If you love what you are doing and doing what you love, the purest joy will always be around the corner. As love grows within you, there are more rooms for pleasure, enjoyment and happiness. Even at the darkest hours, learn to see through the struggling times and hold love in your hand. Most people have confessed about their regrets in life. Know that regrets only arise out of fear and fear is the opposite of life, of love.

Be happy for others

“Happiness is most real when shared.” When others are celebrating, celebrate with them. Leave no room for jealousy, it is a major poison. You have a beautiful heart and jealousy does not deserve to breathe in it. When you are happy for others, second-hand joys will let your heart grow bigger and you’ll be surprised at how happy you can get for yourself too.

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