10 signs of a healthy relationship


These days long lasting relationships seem to be very rare. The cases of separation and divorce have reached an alarming rate. And because of this many people have lost faith in achieving a relationship that lasts a lifetime. But believe it or not, a healthy relationship that lasts is possible. You may just be in a healthy relationship now and you just don’t know it yet. Here are the ten signs of a healthy relationship.

1. You Can Be You

If you do not see the need to pretend or behave differently when you are around your partner then this means you are comfortable to be yourself around him or her. This comfortable feeling where you can be you is a sign that you are in an open and loving relationship bound by friendship and acceptance.

2. No Doubts

If you trust your partner and vice versa, then you have something good going in your relationship. Neither of you should leave no room for doubt. Trust is a vital ingredient to a long lasting union.

3. You Don’t Make A Big Deal of Things

Couples fight or argue. That is normal. But in healthy relationships, they sort out their problems and solve them right away. If your little problems do not end up being such a big deal then you have something good there. You both know that no matter what happens, the most important thing is that you stay together and work things out.

4. You Share Your Thoughts

Communication is also very important in a relationship. If you feel free to talk and share anything with your partner and he or she does the same then it is clear that you can survive anything together.

5. You Encourage Each Other

A good partner in life is someone who encourages and inspires you to be the best version of yourself. This has to be a two way traffic to make it a healthy relationship.

6. You Care For Each Other

Relationships fall apart when couples forget to be nice to each other. If you continue to care and treat each other with respect and care then you will surely spend the rest of your life together.

7. There is Acceptance

The perfect couple knows that nobody is perfect. Both accept and love the good and the bad traits of their partners.

8. You Feel Safe and Secure

In a healthy relationship, you feel safe with your partner. You know that he or she will never hurt you. You also know that when things go wrong, your partner will do anything in his or her power to lift you up.

9. You Forgive and forget

Many relationships turn bad through time because of many grudges from the past. A good relationship knows how to forgive and forget. No couple has ever had a flawless relationship. But what makes it last is the ability to see beyond the mistakes and start all over again.

10. Better not Bitter

Lastly, a good relationship gets better through time. Many couples become bitter and cruel to each other after years of being together. But a healthy union gets better and stronger as time goes by.

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